This game has been moved to the game graveyard - you can still play but earn NO points or trophies.


NP Ratio:
0NP per 100pts scored

This game is ONLY accessible through the tip stated below

Official Game tip ~ type boohooiwanttheoldgameback to launch the old version of Destructomatch...  Type that during the Game Type Screen

Destruct-o-match is a great game! All you have to do is clear all the block from the level by clicking on them. Sounds easy? Well here are my tips to make it even easier

Tip One
Before you click anything turn off your speakers! That noise is sooooooooo annoying.

Tip Two
Check which color blocks you have the most of, and try to leave them until you have cleared the others... That way you get massive combos! I nearly always have most green I'm not sure if that's just me.

Tip Three
Start at the top and work downwards. Combos at the top can get messed up if you aren't careful.

Tip Four
Try to keep all your columns the same height, that way you won't end up with a massive tall one you can't get rid of at the end,.

Tip Five
At the end of a level you get a bonus for the next level, depending on how many stones you have left.

15-11 stones: + 50 points

10 stones: +150 points

9-6 stones: + 100 points

5 stones: + 250 points

4-1 stones: + 150 points

0 stones: + 500 points

When it's impossible to clear the whole board, try to leave five stones to get 250 bonus points. For example: You have seven stones left, a group of three and a group of two. Destruct to group of two and no other groups.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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