Defender Trainer

NP Ratio:
200NP per 100pts scored

First off you need to get to know the names of the neopets, the petpet and the items that get used in this game. They don't use every Neopet and they don't use every petpet or every item. Get to know which ones they do use and it always helps to be able to recognize anagrams quickly.

As you get further down in the round you have less and less time to answer. Also watch out for moving targets, shadows (you just see the outlines), and for when they sneak a NOT into it (example: Which does NOT start with the letter "M")

Round 1: Neopets (names begin with # letter)

Round 2: Petpets (Same as round one but with petpets)

Round 3: Neopets and Petpets (scrambled letters)

Round 4: Items (scrambled letters)

Round 5: All three (neopets, petpets, items - begins with # letter)

Round 6: Neopets and Petpets (longest name)

Round 7: Neopets and Petpets (shortest name)

Round 8= ends with # letter

Round 9= contains (2 letters that has to be in the pet or petpet)

Round 10= most vowels (tricky one)

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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