Chia Bomber 2

NP Ratio:
150NP per 100pts scored

score 1300+

Chia Bombers have invaded Geoffrey Chia's neighbourhood and are attacking him and his friends with their nasty mud-slinging bazookas! Geoffrey has set out with his home made water-balloon gun in an effort to drive them out of town!


(these are from Chia Bomber 1, so it might be different)

Use the ARROW KEYS to guide Geoffrey.
Use the SPACEBAR to fire the bazooka.
Use the "M" KEY to drop a mine (up to 5 per level).

Your mines can not hurt you.
Chia bomber mines can not hurt Chia bombers.
Chia bombers get (3 x level) mines.

A bonus is given at the end of each level.
Bonus = (Hit %) divided by (Time) x 10.

The Chia bombers have a limited range, which increases each level. Once a Chia bomber has fired at you he will continue to chase you until he has been hit with a water balloon, or he steps on a mine.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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