catch Capara cheating
(win the round and get a Capara Battlecard)

Are you tired of those goody two shoes games where honesty and fair play are the aim of the game? Don't you just once wish you could cheat and get away with it? Well, now you can. Use all of your skill and cunning to beat your opponents in a breath taking game of Cheat! If you beat the 3rd, 5th or 7th rounds, you also earn a trophy!

It only costs 50 NP per play. So what are you waiting for? Get Cheating!


Game Review By: amywang154

Cheat is one of a (so called) luck games in Neopets, but it requires skill as well. This game is not only about luck, itís a big puzzle. First of all you need a (line) paper and pencil. You will also need the 50 neopoints for the game. Then, list all your opponents for your current round. Each one gets itís own line. You should also list yourself. Here is how your paper should look like now:

Keep adding the names in the same order on until the end of the page. ( If you need more just add more lines or the pattern.) You now could start the game. When the first opponent plays, you write down the move she or he took. If he got the pile, add in that as well. Also remember to take a look of the screen and see how many cards the pile has AND every opponent. Then your paper should look SOMEWHAT like this:


This is not exactly what it would look like, it is just an example. When you could tell somebody doesnít have that many of the same cards and didnít get a new pile of cards, accuse them! That way you most likely will receive neopoints. If it is too risky then donít accuse, it wonít be worth it. If one person got rid of all their cards and is going to win, accuse them EVEN if you donít think they cheated. If you caught them the game will go on, and if you didnít they won anyway. If you are on a round higher than Round One, than if you lose you only lost 50 neopoints and could continue on the round you lost on. That way you will be spending neopoints wisely.

If you HAVE TO cheat, then make sure it isnít a card you played often before and that you play only 1 or 2 of your cards, that way less opponents will think you are cheating. Keep going on until the end, and when I followed these steps I earned about 3000 neopoints from the game AND got the trophy. Please play wisely and you will succeed. This is the easiest trophy to get, and even if you didnít follow these steps you might still win. BUT, if you follow these steps you will make more neopoints. You could play this game numerous times but you will only have 1 trophy, but youíll earn all the neopoints, and soon become RICH!

Please do NOT copy these steps or pictures. I (amywang154) made them and if you want to put it on your own site, you must neomail me first.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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