Bilge Dice

High Score Trophies

Best Streak Trophies

a random event after getting the score of 24 (that's 1 & 4 plus 4 sixes in a row)

have a winning streak of 10.

When the game starts the dice has rolled, you must choose a dice to keep, (if you are really lucky, you would have a 4 & 1, in your opening roll, these numbers are more important than the 6's, at this stage)

6 6 6 6 6 6
You must select at least one die to
keep before you can re-roll.
Current Score: 0

as in this case we do not have any of the qualifying numbers, don't be tempted to pick 4 of the 6's,


The chances are higher the more dice there are to actually get the right combination

Once you have the 4 & 1, you can then choose to keep more than one dice at a time. but at least this way you will assure you have the qualifying dice.

make sure you see what the other players have too, as you might have 18, and 1 dice left the dice maybe a 3, and you might only need  2 to win, but if you re-roll it you might only get a 1, which means the others have won.

Even after reaching your max score for that day, you can carry on playing to increase you wins total, as the more you win the higher the ante you can choose.

win 10 games your ante amount can rise to 100np

win 4 in a row your ante amount can rise to 200np

win 50 games your ante amount can rise to 500np

win 150 games your ante amount can rise to 1000np

Choose Your Ante Amount:

Winning on a 1000np ante can give you a 4000np prize, don't forget the its a 5k max game , although you can exceed 5k, by getting almost to the max by using smaller ante's then playing on your highest amount, this can sometimes exceed 8k, doing this daily keeps your place on the leader board.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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