Attack of the Marblemen

NP Ratio:

300NP per 100pts scored

Barry the Baby Shoyru was playing Marbles last night - and forgot to put them away. Now they are very, very angry! Help Barry guide his marbles back to his toy box before they escape and wreak havoc upon Neopia!

Playing is simple - use the mouse to click on a bouncer (little triangles that make up the background). The Marblemen will bounce off the bouncer. Your aim - to get all the Marblemen back into the toy box!

To skip ahead to later levels just click on the ''USE LEVEL CODE'' option at the main menu and enter in the following code.

6AU821 Jump To Level 5

X1710E Skip to Level 10

U759GE Skip to Level 15

A15GOE Skip to Level 20 provided by melovesblink182

SVD3AA Skip to Level 25 provided by melovesblink182

TD6A0E   Skip to Level 30 provided by melovesblink182

The codes may not work

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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