Two elderly pirates sit here glaring angrily at each other. They seem to be moving a fleet of small wooden ships around a board... I wonder what they are doing?!

Arr.... ya scurvy seadog, hurry up and take ya move
before I have to teach you a lesson...
Garr.. ya couldn't teach a Snorkle a lesson, you lilly livered coward...

  1. Click on the pirates to begin.
  2. You will be sent to the multiplayer game lobby where you can choose to host a game or join one.
  3. Armada is an ancient game played by two battle weary pirates after they were too old to sail the seas.
  4. Reliving mighty battles that had consumed whole fleets on a small board is how they spent their days.
  5. There are two possible moves in Armada. You can click on your piece and then click on any adjoining empty space or you can "jump" any adjoining space.
  6. A jump will actually move your piece to the new space. Non-jump moves create a new piece.
  7. All of your opponents pieces that are adjacent to your move are taken captive and brought into your Armada.
  8. To win you need to have a larger fleet than your opponent when all spaces are filled or one of you has no further moves.
  9. Be careful... Those jumps can look good at first but have some dire consequences!
  10. Enjoy!
  • Do I get Neopoints?
    Not in normal play but the competition version has some pretty big prizes.
  • My opponent won't move.
    You can always click on "Cancel Game" or just wait until they do move. The game will be there until it's canceled, won, or a new one started.
  • When I click on my piece I can't move. What is wrong?
    - More than likely you have a very old version of your browser. Any of the 4.0 or later versions of Netscape or Internet Explorer will work.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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